Unlock the Power of Smart Accounts: Protocol Village Secures Acquisition of Popular Crypto Wallet Multis

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    The blockchain industry is constantly evolving and welcoming new players into its ecosystem. One such player is Safe, a blockchain smart account provider, which recently announced the acquisition of Multis and the joining of its senior leadership team. This move is set to solve the complexities of cross-chain interaction through network abstraction, making it easier for users to manage assets across different blockchain networks.

    BitBoy One: Revolutionizing GameFi and DePIN Devices

    The popular gaming company, Ordz Games, has launched a new GameFi-meets-DePIN handheld device called “BitBoy One.” The device has already made waves, with its first 1,000 units selling out in just two minutes during its public sale. It was also featured in Protocol Village, a regular feature of The Protocol newsletter.

    ARPA Network’s Randcast on Redstone Testnet: Simplifying On-Chain Gaming

    ARPA Network has recently launched its on-chain verifiable random number generator, Randcast, on the testnet for Redstone, an optimistic rollup layer-2 framework built by Lattice and using the OP Stack. This integration will allow for a more seamless and enriched on-chain gaming experience, making it easier for developers to build ambitious applications, games, and worlds. ARPA Network’s Smart Contract SDK also enables effortless integration of randomness, pushing the boundaries of what can be built on the EVM.

    Nym Technologies Joins Liquid Federation: Enabling Strong Network-Level Privacy for Bitcoin Users

    The blockchain privacy infrastructure project, Nym Technologies, has joined the Liquid Federation to support and scale the Bitcoin layer-2 ecosystem globally. This partnership will also see the integration of Liquid on the Nym mixnet, providing enhanced confidentiality and privacy for Bitcoin users utilizing layer-2 protocols for cost-efficient transactions.

    Nibiru Blockchain Launches $15M Program: Fostering Talent in the Web3 Space

    Nibiru, a new blockchain backed by Tribe Capital and led by ex-Google, IBM, and JP Morgan executives, has launched a $15M program to prevent a potential talent drain in the crypto market’s recovery. With a specific focus on Asia, the program aims to offer financial incentives and funding to developers driving the adoption of a new L1 blockchain. This initiative aims to retain talented developers in the Web3 space, as other sectors vie for their expertise.

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