How to Get Canva Pro Account for Free!

    Discover How to Get Canva Pro ‌for Free for 1 Month With Virtual Credit Cards!

    Finally, ​I have found some time to write and⁤ share with ​you​ guys after years of absence. Let’s start with ⁤the ‍perfect way to get Canva Pro for free, at least for a month or a free trial (provided your trial has ended).

    Undoubtedly, ⁣many companies or services provide free trials for their users to⁤ use the “Pro”‍ features for a limited ‍time. It includes Canva too. They offer a free trial as long as you share your payment details with them – in this⁢ case, your Credit Card, as it acts as your ‍proof of identity and prevents any misuse of their services through fake accounts.

    But what if you can’t provide⁤ your Credit Card information? ⁣Well, here’s a ‌great solution⁤ for ‍you -‍ generate a valid Credit ‌Card using your Virtual Credit Card (VCC) and voila, receive unlimited Canva Pro accounts. However, keep in ‌mind that this method has its limitations. You will have to create a new account every month and start your projects from scratch.

    Now, you might be ⁤wondering – how do I generate a new Credit Card? It’s simple – many financial companies offer this service. But since I want to take you back in time, just like in the old days, I⁣ will share‌ it with you guys. The answer is Virtual Credit Cards or VCC, which you can create​ and use just ​like a prepaid card. In my country, Indonesia, several banks and ⁣financial companies offer this service, ⁢such ⁣as BNI with their VCN, BluDigital, Octo CIMB, and many more. Although it might not be called VCC, the concept remains the⁣ same – generate a new card number with valid information and use it at any VISA or Mastercard merchant worldwide.

    Here’s how ‍you can create​ a Canva Pro account for free using a‍ Virtual Credit Card:

    1. Open
    2. Sign up for a new account
    3. Choose your plan ⁢and ensure to select the “free trial” option
    4. Input the information generated by your Credit Card
    5. If successful, you ⁤will be redirected to the homepage, and congratulations, you‍ now have a Canva Pro account ‍for 1 month!

    In case you’re‌ wondering, here’s a list of available Virtual Credit Card services in Indonesia:

    • BluDigital by BCA
    • Octo ⁢CIMB
    • VCN by BNI
    • ASPIRE (only for companies)
    • Monit (only for companies)

    However, this is not⁤ an exhaustive list. I have only tried these services, so if you know other options, please enlighten ⁣us in the comments section.

    Moreover, there‍ are numerous other services⁢ that offer free trials, and you can use⁤ this trick with those too. Enjoy 😀

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