Urgent Alert: Telegram Experiencing “Connecting” Error – What You Need to Know!

    New Outage Disrupts Telegram Service

    Telegram users around the ⁢world have been experiencing connectivity issues, with many reporting seeing a “Connecting” ‌alert when trying to access their messages,⁤ groups, or channels.

    This technical glitch, ‌often ⁤encountered during periods of slow internet connection, is preventing users from using the app and its ‍features.

    Telegram Down

    The problem has been noticed by BleepingComputer, as well ⁤as users on‍ social media platforms such as X and Reddit.

    According to ⁤various​ reports,⁤ the outage ⁤began approximately 20 minutes ago and has mainly affected users‍ in Asia and parts of ‍Europe.

    At⁣ this⁣ time, it​ is unclear whether this is ⁤planned maintenance work, ‌a server issue, or a potential cyber attack.

    Update‌ 1: The service has been restored for a brief period.

    Update 2: As of 4 AM EST, it ⁢appears that Telegram is once again experiencing difficulties.

    Update 3: After another 20-minute disruption,​ services are back online. Our tests have shown that this outage primarily affected ​users in Asia, which is ​served by Telegram’s Datacenter ⁤5.

    Telegram’s service outage may have caused inconvenience for individuals, businesses, and organizations that rely on‌ the platform for communication. Fortunately, these issues seem to be sporadic and are quickly being addressed by the app’s team. ​We will continue to monitor the⁣ situation ‌and provide updates as necessary.

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