Exclusive: Binance Executive Who Fled Nigeria Found in Kenya – Extradition Looms, New Details Emerge

    Binance Executive, Nadeem Anjarwalla, Expected to be Returned to Nigeria Within the Week

    Nigerian officials have reportedly announced that Nadeem Anjarwalla, an executive at Binance, is expected to be brought back to the country within the week. Anjarwalla had fled the country while in authorities’ custody, but his wife has now denied reports of his arrest in Kenya and subsequent extradition back to Nigeria.

    The controversy surrounding Binance and its executives in Nigeria continues to escalate, with Nigerian authorities accusing the crypto exchange of manipulating the local exchange rate, tax evasion, and money laundering. Anjarwalla, a dual national of Britain and Kenya, and Tigran Gambaryan were both detained in February. Gambaryan, who remains in Nigeria, pleaded not guilty to money laundering charges during a court appearance in April.

    Government Sources Claim Anjarwalla Located in Kenya and Will be Returned to Nigeria

    Last week, Nigeria’s Daily Post reported that government sources have located Anjarwalla in Kenya and are coordinating with Kenyan authorities to bring him back to the country. Further reports from Nigerian newspaper The Punch on Monday cited unnamed government sources claiming that Anjarwalla could be extradited back to Nigeria within the week through INTERPOL.

    However, a spokesperson for Anjarwalla’s wife has dismissed these reports as false, refuting any claims of his arrest or extradition. CoinDesk has reached out to INTERPOL, Kenya’s foreign ministry, and Nigeria’s police force for comment on the matter.

    Anjarwalla’s Controversial Departure from Nigeria

    Reports surfaced in March that Anjarwalla had left Nigeria using a concealed Kenyan passport. This sparked further outrage and suspicion among Nigerian authorities, leading to the request for his extradition. Anjarwalla’s wife has denied all claims of his involvement in the accusations against Binance and maintains that her husband has not committed any crimes.

    UPDATE (April 22, 13:10 UTC): The title and content of this article have been amended to reflect the statement from Anjarwalla’s wife’s spokesperson.

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