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    Anonymity No Longer Guaranteed for OpenTable Reviews


    According to restaurant reservation platform OpenTable, all reviews on their platform will no longer be completely anonymous. Starting May 22nd, members’ profile pictures and first names will now be displayed with their reviews.

    This new policy was announced today in an email to members who have previously left reviews on the platform. OpenTable states that the change was made in an effort to increase transparency.

    “At OpenTable, we strive to foster a community where diners can help one another discover new restaurants, and reviews play an important part in that,” reads the email from OpenTable, as reported by BleepingComputer.

    “Our diners have expressed a desire for trust and transparency when it comes to reviews.”

    “To enhance the credibility of our review program, starting May 22, 2024, we will be showing diner first names and profile pictures alongside all reviews. This change will also apply to past reviews.

    When leaving reviews on OpenTable, members are asked to provide a “Review display name”, allowing them to leave feedback anonymously.

    Under the new policy, a member’s first name and profile picture will now be visible on both new and past reviews.

    OpenTable reports that over 136 million reviews have been contributed by diners on their platform, sharing their dining experiences (positive or negative) with others.

    However, not everyone is pleased with this change, as their personal information is now linked to any previous negative reviews they may have left.

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    Although the new policy only reveals first names, reviews still show the specific date of the visit. Depending on the first name, it may not be difficult to determine who left a particular review.

    While it is possible to change one’s first name in the system, it is important to note that any reservations will also be listed under the new name.

    Unfortunately, OpenTable has not provided an option to remain anonymous when leaving reviews.

    In lieu of this, OpenTable has suggested the following steps to take before May 22nd:

    • To edit or remove any of your reviews, click here
    • To add or remove your profile picture, click here
    • Review the Privacy Policy for more information on how personal data is handled

    BleepingComputer reached out to OpenTable to inquire about the possibility of a setting to prevent the display of personal information, but has not received a response as of yet.

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