Discover the Future of Blockchain with Protocol Village: Tate Berenbaum Launches ‘AO Ventures’ and $35M for Advancing Arweave!

    April 11: Tate Berenbaum, the teenage entrepreneur behind crypto startup Community Labs, has recently launched a new incubator program called AO Ventures. With an investment pool of over $35 million, this 10-week program is dedicated to promoting development on Arweave and AO, two innovative platforms in the crypto space. AO is described as a “hyper parallel computer” with the goal of combining “the benefits of trust minimization with the speed and efficiency of traditional computing environments.” Arweave, on the other hand, is a network specifically designed for permanent information storage. This program will kick off in April and conclude with a Demo Day in June. (AR)

    Community Labs CEO Tate Berenbaum (Community Labs)
    Community Labs CEO Tate Berenbaum (Community Labs)

    QED Launches L2O Consortium to Develop Bitcoin Layer 2 Solutions

    April 11: QED Protocol, in collaboration with StarkWare, zkLink, Mina Protocol, and O(1) Labs, has announced the launch of the L2O Consortium. This group of projects and protocols is committed to bringing Bitcoin’s native security, scalability, and interoperability to decentralized applications and Layer 2 solutions. The consortium is working on developing reference implementations, tools, and resources for developers to build DApps or deploy Layer 2 solutions on top of Bitcoin. The goal is to enable trustless interoperability between applications by coordinating standards across solutions, using zero-knowledge proofs and ordinals to bridge any technical gaps that have previously hindered smart contract-like functionality on Bitcoin. These reference implementations can be found in the project documentation.

    DLC.Link Uses Discreet Log Contracts to Create ‘Safer Wrapped Bitcoin’

    April 11: As a “self-wrapping trustless bridge to DeFi,” DLC.Link has recently launched a new product called dlcBTC. This innovative platform is an alternative to the traditional “wrapped Bitcoin” and utilizes discreet log contracts (DLCs) as its foundation. The team at DLC.Link believes that their product will revolutionize the use of Bitcoin in the DeFi space, as it allows for seamless utilization of Bitcoin across the Ethereum ecosystem while also maintaining full ownership of assets. With the launch of dlcBTC, depositors can now engage in trading, lending, and hedging, all while retaining their autonomy as a self-sovereign individual.

    Auradine, Bitcoin Mining Rig Maker, Raises Series B Round of More Than $80M

    April 11: In a recent development, Auradine, a leading manufacturer of Bitcoin mining rigs, has announced that it has successfully raised over $80 million in its Series B round of funding. This comes after the company’s first round of funding, which amounted to $81 million and was led by Celesta Capital and Mayfield in 2022.

    Galxe Identity Protocol Launches its Mainnet

    April 11: The Galxe Identity Protocol has officially launched its mainnet. Their platform utilizes zero-knowledge proofs to grant users full autonomy over their digital identity and private data. In addition, their rewards program and web3 “reputation” system aim to extend user credentials and identity data across multiple blockchains.

    AI Data Network Masa Deploys its Mainnet

    April 11: With the launch of its mainnet, Masa Network is now offering users the ability to control and monetize their digital data, while also contributing to AI model training. Privacy and encryption of user data are ensured through the use of “Zero-Knowledge Soulbound Tokens.”

    Zest Protocol Brings On-Chain Lending to Bitcoin

    April 11: Zest Protocol has made a major breakthrough in the world of decentralized finance (DeFi) by introducing new public lending markets on the Stacks L2 platform. This means that Bitcoin holders can now participate in on-chain lending, extending the utility of Bitcoin in the DeFi space.

    EigenLayer-based Omni Network Gives Airdrop Details

    April 11: The Omni Network, a leading interoperability protocol powered by EigenLayer restaking, has released details for their upcoming OMNI Genesis airdrop program. This event will be instrumental in rewarding members of the Omni community and its partners within the Ethereum ecosystem. A total of 3% of the project’s token supply has been allocated for this airdrop, which will be distributed amongst testnet users, dedicated Ethereum NFT collections and developers, investors, and others.

    Diva Staking Launches “Nektar Network” to Compete with EigenLayer

    April 10: In an attempt to compete with EigenLayer, Diva Staking has launched its own restaking protocol called the Nektar Network. This platform aims to provide a “trustless bridge” for up-and-coming networks to borrow security from the Ethereum network.

    Ledger, Stader Labs Release “One-Click” ETH Staking on the Ledger Live App

    April 10: In collaboration with Stader Labs, Ledger, a popular crypto wallet, has integrated a new feature into their Ledger Live app – “one-click” ETH staking. Early adopters of this feature can also receive bonus rewards for participating in ETH staking.

    Thiel-Backed Layer N Launches Testnet

    April 10: With the support of a $5 million funding round from Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund, Layer N has successfully launched its testnet. This network, which is made up of multiple rollup solutions, aims to optimize the execution layer for various applications while still providing a user-friendly experience.

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    Edited by Bradley Keoun.

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