Breaking News: Omni Hotels Struggling with Ongoing Nationwide IT Outage Since Friday!

    OMNI⁣ Hotels & Resorts Experiences ​Chain-Wide Outage⁣ Impacting Reservation,‌ Room ⁤Lock, and POS Systems

    On Friday, Omni Hotels & Resorts, a popular hotel chain with 50 locations in the US, ‌Canada, and Mexico, experienced a⁢ chain-wide outage that brought down ⁣its IT systems. ⁤This outage has caused disruptions for guests with reservations and those staying at the hotels, as well as difficulties for employees trying to manage the⁢ disruption.

    The source of‌ the outage has not yet been identified, and the company is still working to restore‍ all services that were impacted. In the meantime, guests have been notified of the technical difficulties through an ⁤alert on the company’s website and limited functionality on social media platforms. Customer reports on social media have⁢ also ⁣indicated‌ issues with new⁢ reservations, credit card payments, and changes to existing⁣ reservations.

    While the company has not made any official statements about the cause of the‍ incident, the fact that various systems were affected and are now being manually restored suggests the possibility of a cyberattack. The hotel chain’s phone helpline is also down, with a recorded message ‌informing customers of the technical‌ difficulties and asking them to try again later.

    This is not the first time Omni Hotels has experienced a technological issue. In July 2016, the ⁢company⁣ also disclosed a data ​breach that impacted 49 out of its 60 North American hotels. In that incident, ⁤credit card information was stolen from payment systems between December ‍2015 and ⁢June 2016.

    As of ‍now, it is unclear how long it will take for all systems to be fully restored. In the meantime, guests are advised to be patient and understanding as the company works ⁣to resolve the issue. Omni Hotels‍ has confirmed that all locations remain open and are still accepting new guests, but some services may be limited or delayed.

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