Breaking News: Home Depot Employee Data Exposed in Shocking Third-Party Breach!

    The Home Depot Confirms Data Breach – 10,000 Employee Information Leaked Online

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    In a recent development, Home Depot, the largest home improvement retailer in North America, has suffered a data breach that has resulted in the exposure of limited employee data. This data, which was mistakenly exposed by one of Home Depot’s third-party SaaS vendors, could potentially be used in targeted phishing attacks.

    Home Depot currently operates over 2,300 stores and employs more than 475,000 individuals in North America alone.

    The breach came to light after a hacker known as IntelBroker leaked a small sample of information belonging to approximately 10,000 Home Depot employees on a popular hacking forum. The forum post reads, “In April 2024, Home Depot suffered a data breach that exposed the corporate information belonging to 10K employees of the company.” This incident has raised concerns about the security of Home Depot’s data and the potential for further attacks.

    The Home Depot data leaked on a hacking forum
    The Home Depot data leaked on a hacking forum
    Source: BleepingComputer

    Upon being notified by BleepingComputer, Home Depot confirmed that the leaked information was a result of their third-party SaaS vendor’s mistake. The company issued a statement to BleepingComputer stating, “A third-party Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) vendor inadvertently made public a small sample of Home Depot associates’ names, work email addresses and User IDs during testing of their systems.”

    Although the exposed information may not be highly sensitive, it could still be used by threat actors to launch targeted phishing attacks on Home Depot employees. These attacks could potentially lead to the theft of more sensitive information, such as employee credentials, which could then be used for further malicious activities like ransomware attacks.

    In light of this breach, Home Depot has advised all its employees to be cautious of any emails containing links to pages requesting corporate credentials or other sensitive information. Any such emails should be immediately reported to the company’s IT staff for verification.

    IntelBroker, the threat actor responsible for leaking the data, is no stranger to such breaches. Previous incidents linked to IntelBroker include the compromise of DC Health Link, an organization responsible for administering healthcare plans for U.S. House members, their staff, and their families. This incident caused significant media attention and resulted in a congressional hearing after the data of 170,000 individuals was exposed, including members and staff of the U.S. House of Representatives.

    Other cyber attacks attributed to IntelBroker include breaches of PandaBuy, Acuity, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), the Weee! grocery service, and an alleged breach of General Electric Aviation.

    As the investigation into the Home Depot data breach continues, it is essential for the company to strengthen its security measures to prevent future incidents. Additionally, regular employee training and awareness programs can help mitigate the risk of cyber attacks through social engineering tactics like phishing.

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