Breaking News: Berachain Secures $100 Million in Series B Funding for Protocol Village!

    Recently, Berachain, a blockchain platform, successfully closed a Series B funding round, securing a total of $100 million. The oversubscribed round was led by Framework Ventures, a prominent VC firm in the DeFi space, along with Abu Dhabi’s Brevan Howard Digital branch. With over 200 applications committed to building on the chain at launch, Berachain aims to develop the first blockchain ecosystem that aligns incentives for security and liquidity at the network level. This unique approach allows for the liquidity present on the network to also serve as a source of security. Additionally, the blockchain’s innovative ‘Proof of Liquidity’ consensus mechanism offers application developers a distinct incentive to build and grow on Berachain.

    EOracle Emphasizes the Role of the Market in Encouraging Accurate Data

    In recent news, EOracle, a decentralized oracle network, has launched staking on Eigenlayer. The network’s goal is to enhance Ethereum’s security and data reliability through a trust marketplace, providing an incentive for accurate data. In an interview with CoinDesk, founder and CEO Matan Sibon stated that eOracle aims to create a credible and neutral marketplace through free market pricing. This will allow for the matching of supply and demand, fostering a more diverse and unbiased Oracle ecosystem while reducing operational costs. According to Sibon, the network’s next step is to launch a mainnet, enhancing integration with Ethereum rollups and expanding functionalities.

    – By Sam Reynolds in Taipei.

    Chainlink Introduces “Transporter” App for Safer Blockchain Transfers

    In an effort to improve the safety and efficiency of transferring crypto assets and data across multiple networks, data provider Chainlink has released its blockchain bridge application called “Transporter.” The application is available for both individual users and institutions and aims to provide a cost-efficient way to transfer high-value tokens across blockchains with peace of mind. The first available networks for Transporter include Arbitrum, Avalanche, Base, BNB Chain, Ethereum, Optimism, Polygon, and WEMIX. As a CoinDesk 20 asset, Chainlink continues to make strides in the blockchain industry.

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    Tate Berenbaum Launches “AO Ventures” with $35M for Arweave Development

    Tate Berenbaum, the founder of Community Labs, which reportedly raised $30 million while he was still a teenager, has launched AO Ventures. This 10-week incubator program aims to foster development on Arweave and AO. According to Berenbaum, over $35 million has already been committed to the investment pool. The program will begin in April and conclude with a Demo Day in June. AO is described on the Community Labs website as a “hyper parallel computer” with a primary goal of merging the benefits of trust minimization with the speed and traditional computing environments. The Arweave network provides permanent information storage.

    QED Protocol Launches L2O Consortium to Develop Bitcoin Layer 2 Solutions

    QED Protocol, the world’s first zk-native blockchain protocol, along with partnering companies StarkWare, zkLink, Mina Protocol, and O(1) Labs, have announced the launch of the L2O Consortium. This group of projects and protocols is dedicated to bringing Bitcoin’s native security, internet scale, and interoperability to applications and

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